What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – May 30, 1995

A replay of Shane Douglas introducing referee Bill Alfonso at Enter Sandman airs, along with Douglas’ subsequent confrontation with Cactus Jack.

ECW Commissioner Tod Gordon says that Alfonso has no place in the promotion because there are no rules.  He tells Douglas to take a valium.

There is a replay of the Eddie Guerrero-Dean Malenko match from Enter Sandman, as well as the repacking of the Tazmaniac as Taz.

Styles says that Tommy Dreamer got Luna Vachon to help him because Vachon and Raven used to be an item.  In a taped promo, Steve Richards shows the scars Vachon left on his back after scratching him during her recent run-in, while Raven calls Vachon “a hideous gargoyle” that he would not spend another night with.

The Sandman-Cactus Jack ECW title match from Enter Sandman airs.

The Last Word:  This was just another episode of Hardcore TV that recycled the big matches from the latest big ECW card, something that is going to be the pattern for the next couple of weeks because ECW only has one house show scheduled prior to its next big card on June 17.

Backstage News*:        Although the ownership situation is still murky, talent checks are now being signed by HHG rather than the old ECW company that Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman owned a fifty percent stake in.  This leads a lot of people to believe that Heyman is now running the company and after he gets some investors, this transaction will be finalized within the coming week.  According to Gordon, the promotion has paid ninety percent of its debts and owes less than $15,000.  Gordon also stressed that news that he and Heyman have a good relationship, only clashing over how much swearing should happen at shows and how many matches should contain excessive violence.

*ECW is planning to have the Sandman defend the ECW Championship against Cactus Jack in a barbed wire match at the ECW Arena on June 17.  Shane Douglas will not be at the show because he is attending a wedding.

*Chris Benoit has a WWF tryout scheduled for June 5-7, but ECW had no idea he was going to do that.  The promotion is hoping to make Benoit the next opponent for Eddie Guerrero after Guerrero’s series with Dean Malenko ends.

*ECW continues to expand its television markets as it will start airing on Deportiva, a Spanish language version of the Los Angeles Prime channel, in three weeks.

*Backstage news is provided courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer for June 12.

Up Next:  ECW Hardcore TV for June 6!

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