What the World Was Watching: ECW Hardcore TV – May 23, 1995

Cactus Jack talks about Wiffle ball and how a kid would rob him of homers, so he had to alter his style, just like he had to alter his wresting style to stand out and be the best.  He recounts Ric Flair hating his style in WCW and that he would never be out of a wheelchair at thirty, saying that he is a week from proving him wrong.  Jack tells anyone who does not like his way of doing things to get another job.

Taz and 911 squashing the Oriental Connection at Enter Sandman is shown.

ECW Tag Team Champions the Public Enemy are on a country club tennis court in Los Angeles.  Johnny Grunge confuses the rules with tennis, sending a ball over the fence and yelling about a home run.  Then he complains about the heat, so the Enemy walk off to have a few beers.

Last week’s show is recapped, with clips of the Tommy Dreamer-Raven Extreme Death match and Cactus Jack’s unsuccessful effort to beat the Sandman for the ECW Championship.

Joey Styles says that he thinks Jack could win the ECW Championship, but Douglas is standing in his way.

Styles explains that the best-of-three series between Eddie Guerrero and Dean Malenko for the Television Championship was inconclusive because the last match in their set of matches through Pennsylvania went to a thirty-minute time limit draw.

Shane Douglas’ introduction of referee Bill Alfonso and the Tommy Dreamer & Mikey Whipwreck vs. Raven & Steve Richards match from Enter Sandman airs.  Also included are the post-match activities where Cactus Jack tells Douglas that he is not welcome in ECW anymore.

The Last Word:  Cactus Jack’s promo to leadoff the show was great.  The rest was average, though, as it just brought fans up to speed with the recent events at the ECW Arena.  At least Jack provides a compelling foil for Shane Douglas as each represents a different style of wrestling and it was easy to get ECW fans behind Jack due to his hardcore history.

Up Next:  ECW Hardcore TV for May 30!

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