What the World Was Watching: WCW Main Event – July 2, 1995

Gene Okerlund and Bobby Heenan are at their desks in the studio for today’s broadcast, headlined by Randy Savage against Big Bubba Rogers.

Okerlund hypes the Dungeon of Doom as a threat and how they are sending Vader out on a roadkill tour before Bash at the Beach.  Heenan says Vader could show up at any major sporting event to beat people up.

A video package recaps the Hulk Hogan-Vader feud going back to Clash of the Champions in January.  Some footage from the USWA is spliced in as well, where Vader beat up some preliminary wrestlers in Memphis.

Okerlund and Heenan argue over Dave Sullivan’s ability to impress the Diamond Doll.  As Okerlund says complimentary things about Sullivan, Heenan tells Mean Gene that if he thinks Sullivan has hung the moon that he should have him do his taxes.  They also argue over whether Sullivan’s victory over Diamond Dallas Page in their arm wrestling match at The Great American Bash was legitimate.

Heenan says that he overheard Dusty Rhodes and George Steinbrenner talking about trading Ric Flair for Darryl Strawberry because of how hard Flair wacked Randy Savage with Angelo Poffo’s cane at The Great American Bash.

Randy Savage (7-1) pins Big Bubba Rogers (18-4) after the flying elbow smash at 5:14:

Tony Schiavone and Dusty call this match, which took place at a WCW Pro taping.  Thehistoryofwwe.com does not provide context on when it was taped, but it was likely part of the Dalton tapings on June 6.  Since losing to Sting at Slamboree Bubba has fallen into midcard purgatory, not competing since a June 3 match against Hacksaw Jim Duggan on WCW Pro and losing three of his last four bouts.  It seems that if you are not feuding with Hulk Hogan, Savage, or Sting there is nothing for you to do as a heel in the singles division.  Rogers gets in a lot of offense, but Savage capitalizes on a Rogers blind charge with the double ax handle off the top and the flying elbow smash to keep rolling toward Bash at the BeachRating:  **

The Last Word:  The real value of Main Event was to catch you up on the major angles and matches of the week.  This did a good job doing that even if the feature match was merely average.

For the first time since early April, WCW hit the road for some house shows, dubbing it the Great American Bash Tour.  Here was the result of one of those cards, courtesy of thehistoryofwwe.com:

Columbia, South Carolina – The Township Auditorium – June 29, 1995 (2,500):  Johnny B. Badd pinned Mark Starr (substituting for Steve Austin) after about eleven minutes with Dreamland…Sergeant Craig Pittman defeated Frankie Lancaster via submission in nine minutes to the Code Red…WCW Tag Team Champions Harlem Heat defeated Hacksaw Jim Duggan & Marcus Bagwell in a non-title match in thirteen minutes when Stevie Ray pinned Bagwell after a Booker T Harlem side kick…Diamond Dallas Page pinned Dave Sullivan in fourteen minutes after using the tights for leverage…The Nasty Boys defeated the Blue Bloods in thirteen minutes when Brian Knobbs pinned Lord Steven Regal…United States Champion Sting beat Meng via disqualification in eight minutes when Colonel Robert Parker interfered…Randy Savage pinned Ric Flair in eighteen minutes after a roll up and using the tights for leverage.  Flair won the match initially after hitting Savage with a foreign object but the referee saw the object and ordered the match to resume.

Backstage News*:        Vince McMahon was not happy about Vader appearing in Memphis on June 26 when the Undertaker was booked on the same card.  USWA owner Jerry Jarrett is trying to balance commitments to the WWF and WCW and has tried to pacify McMahon about his relationship with WCW by saying that WWF talents will not cross paths on USWA shows with WCW talent.  Still, McMahon was not happy that a WCW talent appeared on the same show as a prominent WWF act.

*On an independent show in Elizabethton, Tennessee on July 1, a man appeared claiming to be Big Bubba Rogers, being announced as such on the show and signing autographs.  The impostor and a friend then proceeded to heckle the wrestlers and, when confronted by other wrestlers about whether he was Rogers, the impostor and his friend took off in a car.  They were later apprehended by police and the impostor was forced to make an apology to the fans in attendance.

*Rumors are circulating that there will be a change in the booking committee as Ric Flair might be getting turfed for Kevin Sullivan because Flair and Eric Bischoff have been having disagreements in recent weeks.  Two of those disagreements were trying to book more shows around the television title and not being able to do so because of the Renegade’s inexperience and aligning Vader with the Dungeon of Doom.  Sullivan has said that he would be a great asset for WCW in a booking and talent capacity because he could bring in more independent talent due to his connections with ECW.

*The chances of a Hollywood Blondes reunion are dwindling because Steve Austin will out for five weeks with a muscle tear in his arm.

*In talent relations news, WCW will be giving Smoky Mountain Wrestling (SMW) talent Al Snow a tryout on June 11 during the WCW Saturday Night tapings at Center Stage in Atlanta.  The WWF has also taken an interest in Snow so there could be a bidding war for his services.  Manabu Nakanishi’s ring name was going to be Black Terror, but it will now be changed.  Scott Norton of New Japan may also be brought in as a heel talent when he is not touring with the promotion.

*Backstage news is courtesy of Dave Meltzer’s The Wrestling Observer for July 10.

Up Next:  WCW Pro for July 8!

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